International Protective Service, One of the Leading Security Firms in the Southwest

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16 October 0   0

We recently had the honor of filming the team at International Protective Service (IPS) Albuquerque, one of the leading security firms in the Southwest. IPS works with their clients to deliver security solutions that protect their clients’ businesses, employees, families, and assets. The company provides Level I, II, & III Uniformed Security Officers, Executive Protection, Bodyguards, Security Consulting, K-9 units, training, and more.

Before filming began, we arranged a creative meeting so we could learn more about IPS and the services they offer. Filming included various staged scenes using a combination of hand-held and drone shots. Additionally, some of our CliffDweller team members got in on the action as extras for the shoot! One of our favorite shots was filmed from inside the car while a K-9 jumped into the car through the passenger window. Luckily, the K-9 was masterfully trained so it only took one take to get the shot!

See the International Protective Service video.

Learn more about International Protective Service.International Protective Service